Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chew(itel) on This!

As Academy campaigns go, this one is half-baked

We’ll find any justification for a good pun, but – seriously, folks – this ploy is pretty star-eyed. For the awards season, Manhattan Fruitier – purveyors of impressive gift baskets filled with gorgeous produce – is creating assortments of cookies bearing portraits in icing of the ten Best Actor and Best Actress nominees.

Yes, this really means you can dine not merely with, but in fact on Leo, Christian, Cate, Sandy, or Chewitel. For a modest $72 you’ll get 18 cookies in each batch, either all men or all women. You will have to spend $144 to to avoid being accused of gender bias. And, we presume you will want overnight shipping to get them in time for Sunday’s ceremonies.

Now, doesn’t this take the cake?

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