Monday, November 11, 2013

Dining With the Stars:
Oscar Season Revs Up With
Parties, and More Parties

During the nominations period, Oscar
hopefuls put out the welcome mat for press
and Academy members.

Sliders and lemon bars and mini-cupcakes. 

It's awards season here in Hollywood, and that means plenty of screenings and parties for voters. There are way too many to attend, but we soldier on anyway. 

What kind of party would Jay Gatsby throw if he were a studio head?

Convivial soiree at the hipper-than-anyone-we-know-or-would-want-to Redbury on Saturday night for the lovely Canadian film Gabrielle. We saw many old friends (the adorable Marcus Hu, among them) at the home of the French consul yesterday and got to meet the director of the original, poetic, must-see Cambodian feature The Missing Picture.

In the evening we partied with Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Collin Farrell, all amazing and Oscar worthy in the delightful Saving Mr. Banks. Deadline Hollywood's Pete Hammond presided over an informative, entertaining Q&A after the DGA screening. 

Then out to the lobby for more sliders, mini-grilled cheese, lemon bars and individual pecan tarts. We'd give an Oscar to the caterer who comes up with something different this year.

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